Personal Message About New Album EXHALE (Out Now)

Plumb EXHALE cover

Plumb – EXHALE (album cover)

Hey everyone, I just wanted to take a minute to share a personal note about my new album EXHALE.  The title comes from something my pastor said recently: “We do not exist for us….we exist to share the grace and love so freely given to us all….we breathe it in, it change us, it makes us new and then we share it – we EXHALE.”

I breathed in a life-changing grace when God met me in my darkest place of brokenness after my husband left me, and He changed me and gave me hope.  Then, He redeemed a dead marriage in a way only He could…through a miracle… and we remarried.  I am SO THANKFUL for the redemption. SO THANKFUL for that change. SO THANKFUL for that grace.  So I made this new record as one huge, gigantic love letter to the One who carried me during all of that. EXHALE represents the hope of the entire record…that we will each breathe in that grace and then exhale it. That is why we exist! (EXHALE:


One thought on “Personal Message About New Album EXHALE (Out Now)

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. Our marriage is coming from a dark spot and is getting better. Coming through is a story that can glorify our Lord.

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