Brand new single “God Help Me” Available Now!

God Help Me - Plumb

3 thoughts on “Brand new single “God Help Me” Available Now!

  1. I sit here in tears as I listen to your new song…. I could not have heard this at a better time! Thank you so much!!!!

  2. Dear Plumb,

    My name is Arjun: I have been a follower of Jesus for 3 years now, I am 28 years old, and I just want to thank you for not just your talent, but the love of Jesus that permeates throughout your songs.

    As a male AND a Christian, to say I struggle with insecurities is a difficult confession which can tend to me met with the usual “you must repent because you aren’t living for God”…and I KNOW this is true, but sometime there’s a seemingly impossible chasm between what you know you’re supposed to do and what you actually do-I thank God for His grace!

    Your openness about your battle with similar issues means more to me than I can say…your devotional on the YouVersion bible app has been so wonderfully encouraging to me…thank you, from the bottom of my heart! Finally, the song “in my arms”…I know you may have had a specific scenario in mind when you made it, but I receive it as a type of God’s love for ALL his Children and His desire to protect them!

    You don’t have to respond by any means…I am sure that “busy” does not even begin to cover your daily responsibilities! Just know that you have one (more!) person whom you have affected in deep and powerful ways through your God given gift…may He multiply it 100 fold and give you perfect peace!

    God bless,

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