Plumb - Beautiful Lumps Of Coal - Front

Plumb presents yet again another brilliant studio collection.

Beautiful Lumps of Coal (2003)
Plumb considered leaving the music industry after her second album but changed her mind after receiving a note from a fan a few hours before what she thought to be her final concert. The letter was about her song “Damaged” and said “Whatever you do, I just want you to never forget that you have changed someone’s life,” inspiring Plumb to continue making music. She released the consciously reflective and elegant Beautiful Lumps of Coal in 2003 with lead single, “Real”, cracking the Top 50 on the UK Singles Chart.

“Free” – 3:29
“Sink N’ Swim” – 3:29
“Without You” – 3:31
“Boys Don’t Cry” – 3:48
“Hold Me” – 3:40
“Walk Away” – 3:28
“Taken” – 4:15
“Nice, Naive & Beautiful” – 4:15
“Unnoticed” – 3:08
“Real” – 3:42
“Love’em & Kiss’em” – 0:21
“Go” – 3:52

Track Listing

Sink N' Swim
Without You
Boys Don't Cry
Hold Me
Walk Away
Nice, Naive & Beautiful
Love'em & Kiss'em